Collection: FAQ


When you apply for finance you will be passed to a Novuna Secure Portal where you can enter your details safe in the knowledge that the information is shared only with you and the provider. Once you have been given a decision you will be transferred back to Aberdeen Sewing Machine to complete your purchase.

What happens after my finance application is submitted?

Within minutes of your application being approved, you will be presented with the options to either e-sign or print and return your finance agreement.

If you choose to e-sign your agreement, a PDF of your agreement will be displayed on screen. You should read the agreement carefully before clicking all the relevant sections agreeing to its terms.

Once you have agreed to the terms of the finance agreement Aberdeen Sewing Machines Ltd trading as Aberdeen Sewing Machines will be notified and you need do nothing more.

If you choose to print and return your agreement you should print the agreement, read it carefully and then sign the document following the instructions on the covering letter. This signed document should then be posted to the address shown on the covering letter of the finance agreement.

*Note that products will not be allocated to your order until your completed and signed agreement is returned and received by Novuna Personal Finance. Shipment of your goods will follow soon after your agreement has been returned and received.


If you decline my application, what is the reason?

In addition to credit scoring, Novuna also takes into account confirmation of your identity, validation of certain application details, existing commitments and information held at the credit reference agencies. Though Novuna is unable to provide you with a main reason for the decline of your application, it is usually based on one, or a combination of the following:

  • Your credit score (please note that every finance company will score you differently)
  • Adverse credit reference agency information
  • You are considered to be overcommitted
  • You are aged under 18
  • Your existing account performance with other lenders

Yes. All prices are current. Delivery is charged on any purchases where the total does not exceed £30. There are no delivery charges on orders over £30. In the unlikely event you find the same model cheaper elsewhere please contact us and we will match the price on like for like offers.

Please note that our delivery service may be affected over bank holidays and during sale periods. Specific delivery details will be confirmed at the time of order. 

Next day delivery is subject to stock, courier availability and courier area. For full exceptions please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Please phone 01224 478555 or email:

Aberdeen Sewing Machines have been certified by our branded manufacturers as an official reseller of their products. Our machines are brand new (unless otherwise labelled) and have a full manufacturer’s warranty. Product registration may be required and recommended to gain full benefits of any warranty.

The standard manufacturer’s warranty period applies to all products. This may not cover certain parts like needle threaders and bobbin cases for example.

Warranty repairs are undertaken by our physical store in Aberdeen. Booking arrangements must be completed with Aberdeen Sewing machines before Machines are returned.

Not at the moment, we do however hold a large range of sewing and embroidery machines and selected parts and accessories.

We kindly ask you contact us prior to visiting to check we have the model you are looking at in stock.


Yes we do. Please contact us on 01224 478555 to arrange collection and delivery of your sewing machinery.

We offer service and repair of industrial sewing machinery onsite.


If there’s something you’re not happy with, we’d like to be informed so we can resolve your issues.

Complaint handling and dispute resolution process

Please contact us as soon as possible.

You can contact our Customer Service Team who are here to help and they will try to provide a suitable solution.

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will contact you in 3 working days to resolve your issue.

Our customer Service Team will ask you to provide any relevant information which helps us identify the issue you have with your product.

Online –

Post – Aberdeen Sewing Machines Ltd, Unit 4 Novar Place, Aberdeen, AB25 3LG

Escalating the complaint

If you’re not happy with the resolution of the complaint, please speak to the person handling your complaint and they will discuss and explain the reasons for the resolution reached.

If you wish for your complaint to receive further review, please email us or contact us in writing at the address above.

If you are still unhappy after further escalation and your item has been ordered via Novuna Personal Finance you can also contact Novuna directly to discuss the matter further.

TCF is the at the core of our basic values. Our aims:

  • Consumers can be confident they are dealing with a company where the fair treatment of customers is important.
  • Products and services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified consumer groups and are targeted accordingly.
  • Consumers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.
  • Where consumers receive advice, the advice is suitable and takes account of their circumstances.
  • Consumers are provided with products that perform as we have led them to expect, and the associated service is of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect.
  • Consumers do not face unreasonable post-sale barriers with submitting a claim or making a complaint.


We are keen to ensure customers are treated fairly. We know to achieve this we must:

  • Invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure they are competent and focused on the importance of treating every customer fairly.
  • Ensure that any advice given is in the customers’ best interests.
  • Continually assess the services and products we provide to ensure we can meet changing requirements.
  • Enable our staff to ensure any concerns raised by a customer immediately addressed.

We constantly monitor our ability to achieve these standards through regular assessments of individual performance, benchmarking performance against quality standards and internal audits.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our operations do not have any negative impact upon vulnerable customers.

For the purposes of this policy vulnerable customers are customers and prospective customers whose ability or circumstances require us to take extra precautions in the way that we sell and provide our services to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in any way.

Our staff are trained to identify vulnerable customers so we can take extra steps to assist outside of our standard procedures.

As soon we think we may be engaging with a vulnerable customer we will:

  • Provide additional opportunities for the customer to ask questions about the information we have provided
  • Continuously seek confirmation that the customer has understood the information that has been provided
  • Ask if there is anybody who is able to assist. If not, and we believe this will be beneficial, we will make arrangements to continue with the subject matter at another time
  • Offer you the opportunity to complete the transaction after a period of further consideration

If we can’t help a customer, we will try and make sure that they understand what alternative options are available to them.

This and the following paragraph apply if you buy as a consumer as defined in the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (the “Regulations”). Provided the Regulations apply to the transaction concerned, then the following terms apply to the contract.

We now inform you that information relating to all aspects of our Goods is not in this document but in our marketing material, whether that is in the medium of Our Website or in hard copy.
The following rules apply to cancellation of your order:
If you have ordered Goods, but not received them, you may cancel your order without giving a reason, at any time within 14 days of your order. You will have no obligation and we will return your money.
If you have ordered Goods, and received them, you may cancel your order at any time within 14 days of the date you received them. You must tell us that you wish to cancel. You must also send the Goods back to us within that same 14 day period.
We will return your money subject to the following conditions:
we receive the Goods in a condition in which we can re-sell them at full price, in new condition, with labels and packaging intact.
you comply with our procedure for returns and refunds. We cannot return your money unless we know who sent them.
The option to cancel your order is not available:
if you purchase sealed goods which relate to health or hygiene, and they become unsealed after delivery, or cannot be re-sold for some other reason;
if they are a hard medium for a product in soft copy, which comes to you sealed and is returned to us unsealed.
If the Goods are somehow mixed with other goods so that we cannot identify or easily separate them.
You are responsible for the cost of returning the Goods. We have no obligation to refund to you, your cost of re-packing and returning the Goods.
In any of the above scenarios, we will return your money within 14 days.