Sewing & Textile Solutions

We are often asked by our customers to help them find a solution to a specific problem.

This can vary from a real technical equipment challenge to a fascinating project outcome, or even a combination of both.

We utilise our own in-house specialists along with other industry leaders to provide a streamlined solution that will fulfil all your needs and objectives.

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During the process of solving these specific problems we investigate all the different possibilities available with respect to all makes, models and available machine features to see if we can find a satisfying textile solution.

We can combine equipment and solutions to create bespoke resolutions.

This leads to valuable collaborations and occasionally results in the development of new and exciting products.

Find out what we can do for you...

If you would like further information about our Sewing & Textile Solutions or to see how our team can help you, call us on 01224 478555 or send us an email.