Silver 301 (MC301)

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Silver Viscount 301 (MC301)

Silver Viscount are celebrating with the latest 300 series sewing machines. They have produced some lovely lightweight machines. This is one of them, the Silver 301 sewing machine; lightweight yet robust to sew almost anything.

If you are looking for a basic sewing machine that is simple to use, without all the fancy stitches that one would not use? The Silver 301 could well be what you’re looking for. Let me explain more.

It only has a handful of stitches but the stitches it has are the most used. Using an LED light It’s economical on power consumption too.


Key Features

Buttonholes in a 4-step sequence.

Straight stitch with centre and right needle positions.

Zigzag that can be adjusted up to 5 mm width.

Multiple zigzag, is similar to a zig zag stitch, however, each slant is sewn with 3 stitches. In industry it is used to reinforce sails on sailing boats or windsurfers but is equally as strong for mending in the home.

Blind hemming. How often do you need to hem curtains or a quick mending job on a pair on trousers, or even shorten that skirt to keep up with the latest mini skirt fashions. This almost invisible stitch is ideal.

Scallop stitch, is used on children’s clothing to decorate the edge of hems. It is also used on many home sewing projects such as a decorative edge for cushions or curtain tie-backs.

All the above stitches can be adjusted for width and length, so satin stitching, applique, sewing buttons on and sewing buttonholes are all possible when using this Silver 301

When it comes to threading the needle…well we all know how awkward this can be! Not so with the Silver 301, simply use the built-in needle threader.


Accessories Included

All Purpose Foot
Zipper Foot
Buttonhole Foot
Button Sew-On Foot
seam ripper
seam Guide
Three Bobbins
Daring Plate
Machine Oil
Spool Holder Large/Small
Second Spool Pin
Pk Three Needles
L Shaped Screwdriver


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