Silver Viscount 197 (MC83)

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Silver Viscount 197

UTILITY, DECORATIVE, SATIN, DARNING, and EYELET stitches. 7 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes including eyelets. 1 alphabets with upper case, lower case, symbols and numerals.

Elongation function
Satin stitches can be elongated up to five times.

Mirror function
Mirror image varies the performance.

Twin needle function
Twin needle sewing halves the width of stitch patterns and delivers high performance.


Accessories Included

1. All purpose foot (T)
2. Zipper foot (I)
3. Buttonhole foot (D)
4. Overcasting foot (E)
5. Blind hem foot (F)
6. Satin stitch foot (A)
7. Button sewing foot
8. Bobbin (3x)
9. Spool holder (Large)
10.Spool holder (Small)
11.Spool pin felt
12.Second spool pin
13.Screwdriver (L & S)
14.Edge/quilting guide
15.Brush/ Seam ripper
16.Needle (3x)

Soft Dust Cover
Power Cord
Electronic Foot Control
Instruction Book
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