Silver AG11 Intarsia Carriage

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Silver AG11 Intarsia Carriage

This NEW intarsia carriage can be used on the beginner knitting machines like the popular LK150 Zippy

The AG11 is a direct replacement for the old AG10 intarsia carriage for 6.5mm or 3.9 gauge knitting machines.

It allows you to knit as many colours as you like in a single row.

You can also make shapely geometric patterns or if your really clever pictures and without any float on the back of your knitting.

Picture knitting is fun and very creative. Give your creative side a new dimension by adding the intarsia carriage to your knitting system.

Often it is not possible to use textured yarn on your knitter, but using it with the intarsia carriage often helps.

The AG10 is a NEW product and is suitable for the LK100, LK140 and LK150 or Zippy 90 and Zippy DK

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Dimensions 25 cm

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