Juki DP-2100 Computer-controlled, Dry-head, Lockstitch Sleeve Setting Machine with Multi-programming Device

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The Juki DP-2100 is the culmination of JUKI’s leading edge technologies to enable a sleeve setting process, which is the most difficult of all sewing processes, thereby more easily achieving upgraded seam quality. The Juki DP-2100 comes with a newly developed belt feed mechanism that offers excellent responsiveness to materials and ease of their handling.

An excellent new type belt feed mechanism

  • Thanks to JUKI’s unique right-and-left independent drive system of the top feed belt, right and left feed amounts can be adjusted separately. This prevents the material from slipping out of position, thereby sewing sleeves with a consistent seam allowance.
  • The Juki DP-2100 comes provided with a mechanism for moving the belt feed and intermediate presser up and down alternately, enabling it to eliminate tucks produced at the sleep cap as well as irregular puckering produced in the neighbourhood of the sleeve cap.
  • By introducing the belt feed, the Juki DP-2100 reduces scratches to the material made by the feed.

The machine has solved the problems of conventional sleeve-attaching machines.
The introduction of active-tension enables the separate setting of suitable thread tensions for sewing sleeves on a portion-by-portion basis. This prevents an inadequate thread tension at a portion where the shirring amount is large or an excessive thread tension at a portion where the shirring amount is small. In addition, specified tension settings can be stored in the memory on a pattern-by-pattern basis and can be reproduced with ease.

Colour panel, IP-420C, with upgraded operability

  • Since the machine comes with a touch-sensitive operation panel with a colour LCD, data required for sewing, such as the shirring amount, needle thread tension and stitch pitch can be entered with ease.
  • In addition to the CompactFlash TM, the machine is provided as standard with a USB connector. As a result, the use of a USB flash drive or card reader enables the storage and transmission of sewing data by means of various kinds of media (such as a floppy disk, SmartMedia, CompactFlash and SD card) to enable sewing using the same sewing data among sewing machines in a plant or among subcontract plants.
  • The operating screen gives a graphic display of an armhole. The operator can, therefore, easily confirm the portion to be sewn and enter/edit data

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