Juki AP-874S Jeans Pocket Setter (Semi-auto type)


This Juki AP-874S sewing machine is a semi-automatic type pocket setter. The Juki AP-874S sewing machine has been specifically designed for sewing pockets which have been preliminarily folded in the preceding process on a predetermined location of the garment body without folding the pocket cloths.

Higher productivity
The maximum sewing speed of the sewing machine is 4,000 sti/min. The Juki AP-874S sewing machine demonstrates excellent productivity, with its high-speed feed, its mechanical operation with un-wasted motion, and its cycle time of approximately 9.9 sec./pocket.

Sewing area is broadened
The sewing area is as wide as 250 mm × 250 mm. The Juki AP-874S machine can now sew large pockets.

Active tension mechanism
The Juki AP-874S machine has adopted JUKI’s unique active tension mechanism for its needle tension control.
The active tension mechanism controls the needle thread tension according to sewing conditions such as the type of material and sewing section of the material, thereby achieving upgraded seam quality.

Operation panel
The Juki AP-874S machine has adopted the operation panel IP-420 with a large colour liquid crystal display. Now, it is possible to input/modify sewing data on the main body of the sewing machine. In addition, the operation panel supports USB. Various USB flash devices are applicable.

Encoder control
The Juki AP-874S machine has adopted the stepping motor with an encoder for the X-Y feed drive. The motor drives the machine using the minimum electric power according the material weight and stitch length, thereby contributing to reduced power consumption.

Download the JUKI AP874S brochure here.

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