Juki AC-172N-1790 High-speed, Computer-controlled Buttonholing Indexer


The AC-172N-1790 is the newly-developed next-generation buttonholing indexer, which comes with the highly evaluated high-speed machine head LBH-1790 and is provided as standard with the preset mechanism to increase productivity. In addition, called sub-clamp mechanism helps achieve both accurate and consistent buttonholing quality.

The preset mechanism helps increase productivity!
It is the facility that allows placement of the material to be sewn next on the preset board while the sewing machine is engaged in the sewing of the current material. Since the Juki AC-172N-1790 automatic buttonholing indexer carries out buttonholing successively, the operator conventionally has had waiting time while the sewing machine is in operation (for buttonholing). JUKI’s preset mechanism allows the operator to place the subsequent garment body to be sewn on the preset board while the sewing machine is still engaged in the sewing of the current garment body (so-called overlapping work). Consequently, the operator now can use his/her waiting time effectively during operation to achieve increased productivity.

Technology that helps achieve consistent quality

  • Sub-clamp device which enhances applicability of the sewing machine to vertical-strip patterns.
    • The Juki AC-172N-1790 sewing machine comes with a newly-developed mechanism which prevents slippage of the material at the time of its delivery from the preset board to the sewing machine. This helps increase applicability of the sewing machine to buttonhole vertical-striped garments. The independent sub-clamp mechanism of the carriage unit on the sewing machine head securely clamp the material upon delivery of the material from the preset board to the sewing machine, thereby preventing the material from slipping out of position. As a result, the sewing machine is allowed to achieve accurate buttonholing of top-center plaits with consistency.
  • High-performance indexer mechanism
    • A stepping motor controls material feed amounts in increments of 0.1 mm to feed materials with both consistency and accuracy. The Juki AC-172N-1790 machine is able to sew 1 to 20 buttonholes and stores 20 different stitching patterns in its memory. The Juki AC-172N-1790 sewing machine is provided as standard with a facility that moves the carriage unit synchronously with the operation of the sewing machine during sewing, thereby enabling accurate and unfailing feed of the material while preventing material slack.

Download the JUKI AC-172N-1790 brochure here.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 1910 × 850 × 920 cm




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